Church on the Rise also works in conjunction with ACC World Missions

The team at ACC World Missions are dedicated to ensuring that our field workers and the churches within the Australian Christian Churches are involved in effectively changing the world “One Life at a Time.”

The focus of ACCWM is to:

  1. Send – ACC World Missions has the expertise and experience to ensure that our field workers are able to serve God in their country of calling. We are involved in the recruitment, training of field workers as short as 2 weeks (GAP Team) through to Long Term Field Workers (3 year term).
  2. Support – Our staff at ACC World Missions pastorally care for our field workers. The office is sometimes the only support structure that our field workers may have in their country of service.
  3. Synergy – ACC World Missions endeavours work in synergy with the local church. To help them effectively be a world changing church, changing it “One Life at a Time”.

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