In early 1988, Caloundra New Life Church decided to plant a Church in what was known as the “Railway Towns.” (In 1992, Caloundra City Council renamed the area Glasshouse Country).  A team under Noel Lake began looking for a venue in Beerwah, but none suitable was available so the Landsborough Memorial Hall became the site for the new Church at $33.00 per week. The first Service was held on July 10th 1988 with Noel Lake, Peter Pocock.

Les & Dorothy Cooper attended that first Sunday in those pioneering days. Coops served the Church as treasurer and Board of Management member for well over a decade. Noel Lake kept in touch for many years as honorary auditor. Trevor Bendle … a Rhema College Graduate … pastored the new Landsborough Christian Fellowship in its first year, followed by Kelvin and Mavis Spence.

Numbers grew, but the rented premises weren’t completely satisfactory due to the Fellowship’s gear being crammed in under the stage and Saturday night functions in the hall resulted in last minute Sunday morning cleaning. Venues were still hard to find.

In mid-1992, Pastor Spence indicated his impending resignation and Les & Dawn Peel were about to begin a fifteen year long stint on what was to be the Rise. Firstly, due to circumstances, the commencement date was put forward, but there was still commitment to the Church at St. George.  On 11th December 1992, Dawn Marilyn Peel pastored Landsborough Christian Fellowship, whilst husband Les pastored St George … 500 kilometres away … until the end of February 1993.

Life in the hall as a tenant got tougher, so a look around was in order. Les Cooper saw some industrial sheds for rent in Beerwah and after a lot of cleaning, painting, on Mothers’ Day 1993, The Shed became home with the slogan, “The Big Mower is opposite”. With change of venue, came change of name to Glass House Country Christian Church. The spelling of Glass House was deliberate even though the area was now officially Glasshouse Country. The seven years in “The Shed” saw lives changed, brilliant services, moves of God, great preachers from home and abroad as well as growth in all areas.

In April 2000 the Church began negotiations to buy the Glasshouse Country Community Church building and manse for the sum of $260,000.00, with $2,000.00 in the Building Fund. On the 10th November 2000, we took possession without approaching the banks or any institution, with the Church being paid out in four years. It was a hectic weekend, with ownership on Friday, first service Sunday and hosting a Jerry Savelle Crusade at Caloundra for a thousand people stretched things a tad.

The new facility was located on Nichol’s Rise and Church on the Rise was born. The building was air-conditioned in 2005 along with a great Kids Fun Club Centre being built. On April Fools’ Day 2007, Les & Dawn resigned from their beloved Church on the Rise and one year to the day, handed over the keys to Rod & Rhonda Jobe.

The church property has had a major makeover that has improved facilities to help ministry programmes and community connection. In Feb 2010 an outreach campus church was started in Maleny and also another campus is being started in Mooloolah in 2013.  The journey continues!